Attention! Pronto will cease operations on March 31, 2017. Buy a special membership for $10, valid today through 3/31!

Special $10 Membership

Enjoy short bike trips all year round

Our special $10 memberships are perfect for Seattle natives and other frequent Pronto riders. You can purchase an $10 Membership online using a credit or debit card. Every member can retrieve a unique key that is used to unlock bicycles from the 50+ stations around the city.

Trips that are completed by members under 45 minutes are included with a Membership, but trips longer than 45 minutes incur usage fees. A trip begins when a bike is unlocked and ends when the bike is securely returned to any Pronto station.


Members can rent a helmet from any station without additional cost. You can purchase your own with a 20% discount at participating retailers. Details here.

Membership Pricing

Special membership – one time payment $10

Usage Fees

0 – 45 minutes of each trip INCLUDED - no charge
45 – 75 Minutes $2.00
Each additional 30 minutes +$5.00

Any rides lasting over 8 hours and under 24 hours will incur a $77 charge.
Any rides lasting over 24 hours will flag the bike as stolen or missing.
All fees are subject to applicable state and local tax.

A New Way to Travel

Here, There, Everywhere.
With over 50 stations around the city, you’ll be able to find Pronto stations near your home, workplace, favorite shops, restaurants, and hang-out spots.

The last mile.
In many cities, up to 50% of bike share trips are made to get to or from public transit. Use Pronto to help make your commute as efficient (and enjoyable) as possible.

Feel the city.
Pronto is so “Seattle.” That’s what we hear anyway. Free yourself from the steering wheel and discover the city with your own two feet.

Simple to Use

Your “key” to the city.
Special $10 Members receive their very own key. Skip the kiosk lines and get riding!

Made for everyone.
Pronto bikes are designed for comfort and ease. They’re made for Seattle city riding with seven speeds, a bell, a front rack, and front and rear LED lights powered by your pedaling.

Dock it and leave it.
No bike locks necessary. When you arrive at your destination, just re-dock your bike in a nearby Pronto station, wait for the green light, and be on your way.

Easy on Your Wallet

Unlimited rides.
By purchasing an Annual Membership, you can take as many trips under 45 minutes as you please. You’re only charged a usage fee if your trip takes longer than 45 minutes.

Pricing that makes sense.
At just $10, our Special Membership costs less than a weekly bus pass. Enjoy unlimited 45 minute rides through 3/31/2017.

Video Tutorial

This video explores the benefits of a Pronto Membership and teaches the basics of: picking up a member key, checking out a bike, finding nearby stations, and accessing trip data in the Member Area. For more Pronto Pointers, click here.

Any rides over 24 hrs will flag the bike as stolen or missing which may result in a $1,200 charge. Usage fees apply to both pass holders and annual members.

If you would like to use a bike for an extended period of time, we encourage you to rent a bike at a local bike shop or rental business. Please visit our list of local bike shops and rental businesses on our Resources page.