Attention! Pronto will cease operations on March 31, 2017. Buy a special membership for $10, valid today through 3/31!
Pronto Pointers

Pronto Cycle Share is Seattle’s newest transit system, and we understand that you might have some questions. To make sure you have the best Pronto experience possible, we’ve created a series of “Pronto Pointer” videos. At less than 2 minutes a pop, these videos tackle the basics of renting, riding, and returning Pronto bikes. Kick back, relax, and let us guide you through the magical world of Pronto.

Why #GoPronto?

Whether you’re riding to work, exploring the city with a pal, or running errands, Pronto can add a little spark to your daily routine. However, if you’ve seen Pronto around town and thought, “Ehh, it’s not for me,” this video might just change your mind. Hear from Annual Members who were also a bit skeptical at first sharing various reasons why they decided to #GoPronto.

Short Term Users

This video explains all of the components of a Pronto station, so you can efficiently check out a bike and hit the ground pedaling. Learn how to rent a bike, use the kiosk, and purchase a key as a 24-Hour or 3-Day Pass Holder.

Annual Members

This video explores the benefits of a Pronto Annual Membership and teaches the basics of: picking up a member key, checking out a bike, finding nearby stations, and accessing trip data in the Member Area.

Ride Prep

From raising and lowering the bike seat to securing gear in the carrier, this video provides tips on customizing your bike and helmet for a comfortable and confident Pronto adventure. You’ll also learn how to avoid soggy buns—a helpful skill for any Pacific Northwest bike ride!

Bike 101

Both beginners and seasoned riders can benefit from learning and reviewing the basics of urban biking. This video covers helmet fitting, shifting gears, hand signals, traffic laws, passing etiquette, and riding on the sidewalk.

Returning a Bike

Pick me! Pick me! If you watch only one Pronto Cycle Share video, let this be it. Learn how to successfully return a bike and what to do if your bike has an issue while you’re riding. This video also explains the meaning behind the red, yellow, and green lights at every dock. What if you pull up to a station that’s full? We’ll cover that too. Watch closely, and you might even get a glimpse of a #ProntoMagician!

Seattle Secrets

Concerned that Seattle is just too rainy and hilly for biking? This video will let you in on some hot tips for riding in Seattle. Learn how to “Squiggle” hills, cross light rail tracks, and dress for success.