Attention! Pronto will cease operations on March 31, 2017. Buy a special membership for $10, valid today through 3/31!

How It Works

Cycle Sharing is connecting Seattle

Pronto is Seattle’s cycle sharing system featuring 500 bikes at 54 stations located throughout Seattle. Pronto bikes are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, station map, helmets for your convenience, and a docking system that releases bikes using a member key or ride code. You must be 18 years or older to ride Pronto.

Pronto Pointers – Instructional Videos

Pronto Cycle Share is Seattle’s newest transit system, and we understand that you might have some questions. To make sure you have the best Pronto experience possible, we’ve created a series of “Pronto Pointers” videos. At less than 2 minutes a pop, these videos tackle the basics of renting, riding, and returning Pronto bikes. Kick back, relax, and let us guide you through the magical world of Pronto.

Purchase a Membership

Going to be using Pronto a lot? Purchase a special $10 membership right here, good through 3/31/2017. Once you sign up you’ll retrieve your own unique Pronto key at the kiosk.


Or buy a Pass

Want to give Pronto a try or just visiting? Sign up at a Pronto kiosk for a 24-Hour or 3-Day Pass. Key fobs can be purchased at kiosks and work great for short-term use riders who will be using the system repeatedly.

Scan and Go
Member? Scan and go!

If you are a Pronto member simply insert your key at any dock to unlock a bike.

Got a pass
Got a pass? Enter a bike number or buy a key

If you’ve purchased a 24-hour or 3-Day Pass, just enter the bike number located on the chainstay of the bike. If you want, purchase a key fob of your own and hang on to it! You can reactivate the key the next time you ride.

Eye on the clock
Just keep an eye on the clock

24-Hour and 3-Day pass holders may ride Pronto for 30 minutes before incurring any usage fees. Members get a bonus 15 minutes for each trip and may ride Pronto for 45 minutes before incurring any usage fees. For more information, visit our Pricing page.

Keep Riding!

But don’t let that slow you down – ride as often as you like during your purchase period. You’ll get unlimited 30-minute trips for the duration of your pass or unlimited 45-minute trips while you’re a member.

Docking Station
Return the bike and ride again!

Once you’ve finished up with your ride, just return the bike to any open station. Dock your bike and wait for the green light to make sure the bike is locked in. Check out another bike when you're ready to ride again!

Rebalancing truck
We'll keep it well balanced

We'll be constantly redistributing bikes around the city in our vans to make sure you never have trouble finding a bike or finding a place to return one.


Helmet rentals available!

Don’t have a helmet? It’s the law to wear one in Seattle! Riders can rent a helmet at any station and return it to a separate used helmet bin when they’ve completed their ride. Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the helmets.


Getting Your Helmet

  1. Enter the helmet bin code.
  2. Pull open the pick-up door.
  3. Retrieve your helmet.
  4. Close the pick-up door.
  5. Remove the plastic wrapping and place in the return bin.
  6. Adjust your helmet for the best fit.
  7. Wear your helmet while riding. Enjoy!

Returning Your Helmet

  1. Place your helmet inside the return bin.
  2. You’re done!


Pronto Members

This video explores the benefits of a Pronto Membership and teaches the basics of: picking up a member key, checking out a bike, finding nearby stations, and accessing trip data in the Member Area.

Short Term Users

This video explains all of the components of a Pronto station, so you can efficiently check out a bike and hit the ground pedaling. Learn how to rent a bike, use the kiosk, and purchase a key as a 24-Hour or 3-Day Pass Holder.

We're flexible

Pricing that fits your life

Special Membership $10

An excellent option for the Seattle resident, good through 3/31/2017. Purchase your membership here and retrieve your key from any station kiosk.


3-Day Pass $16

Are you visiting Seattle or do you just want to test out the system for a little longer? Purchase a 3-Day Pass at any station kiosk. For repeated use, key fobs available for $2.50 for 3-day and 24-hour pass holders.


24-Hour Pass $8

Ideal for spontaneous trips around the city or if you’re just visiting Seattle. Purchase a 24-hour pass at any station kiosk.